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Reduce CO2 Reduce co2 y particulas toxicas de motores de combustion hace varios años que lo hice y comprobado Es un pequeño dispositivo en el tubo de escape sencillo de hacer

Business ideas if any want to do

List of business ideas if any want to do If anyone wants to do I give more information   0.- Installation in the cities of a renewable energy plant and sell the energy to municipalities and then to citizens cheaper than current companies Renewable 0-1.- renewable energy 0-2.- electromagnetism energies 0-3.- floating energy 0-4.- Waste

needed investor for mini submarine

The submarine will carry out several services throughout the day, that is, trips and each of them will last approximately 30 minutes. This translates into a total of 6 hours of operation at nominal capacity per day. 2. Crew and Passengers Passengers who will receive instructions previously as a pilot and a co-pilot. 3. Design

Project replace oil by biomass in the world.

Objective is to replace oil with biomass in the world to produce energy, fuel, reduce CO2 and temperature. Sowing the planet with billions of hectares of biomass called giant sorghum, to produce energy and fuel. Plant fertile lands and deserts like the Sahara. A.- Biomass for - Produce synthetic diesel, - Biogas - Ethanol -