Gold for sale Kenya or Tanzania
Gold for sale Kenya or Tanzania
Gold for sale Kenya or Tanzania
Gold for sale Kenya or Tanzania
Gold for sale Kenya or Tanzania
Gold for sale Kenya or Tanzania
Gold for sale Kenya or Tanzania
Gold for sale Kenya or Tanzania

August 13th , 2022
Code: #AU/032/21
Validity 14 Days

We, hereby submit our full corporate offer and state that we are ready and willing to supply the
below mentioned commodity with full responsibility as per the under stated terms and conditions.
COMMODITY: Non-Hallmark Gold Nuggets or Dore Bars
ORIGIN: Kenya or Tanzania
QUANTITY & PRICE: Total Consignment 500 Kilograms of Raw Gold Nuggets with a purity
of above 97% at the price of $40,000 (Forty Thousand US Dollars) per Kilogram, to the Buyer’s
destination under the terms defined below.
If purity, after the final assay at the Buyer’s refinery is less than 96%, then the price will be
adjusted to suit both parties.
SHIPMENT: By Air – Port of Loading Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi.
Packaging suitable for airfreight.
DESTINATION & DELIVERY: The Buyer will inform the Seller on the final destination for
500Kgs of Gold with a minimum quantity of 300Kgs. The Seller will ensure the Buyer is updated
on the delivery process. Rolls and Extensions to be discussed by both parties.
DOCUMENTATION: The following list of documents will be provided:
Initial Assay Report from a recognized authority.
Insurance Certificate
Commercial Invoice Addressed to the Buyer
Certificate of Origin if required by the Buyer’s refinery
Export Permit including the taxes paid
Documentation of Ownership with Buyer as consignee
Clean master Airway bill marked “Airfreight Pre-paid”
Customs Assessment Report
(a) After receiving this FCO, the Buyer is required to sign it to confirm he/she agrees with the
terms herein.
(b) The Buyer or Buyer’s representative will make arrangements to travel to Nairobi, Kenya or
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to meet the Seller. At the same time the Buyer will have an
opportunity to view the gold physically and sign the Sales and Purchase contract with the
(c) The buyer will be required to pay for all taxes and logistics to the seller’s designated account to
ship the consignment to the buyer’s destination as per the invoice provided during the first
(d) Once the funds have been confirmed, the Seller will provide the Buyer with a collateral in the
form of Gold worth the amount paid.
(e) The Seller through his shipping agent will prepare all the necessary export documentation
addressing the Buyer as the consignee. At this point the only document missing will be the
airway bill.
(f) If the Buyer prefers it the Gold can be smelted during this period should the Buyer prefer the
Gold to be in Bar form.
(g) Once the Buyer confirms all the details are in-order the gold will be sealed by officials from
the customs department. The Buyer can also witness the sealing of the consignment and if he
should require it, he can add his own seal.
(h) The Buyer will conform shipping documents including the Airway Bill. Both parties will travel
together for the final assay at the Buyer’s refinery and confirmation of the final payment less
the amount paid at the loading port, for the consignment against the final assay. All Seller’s
expenses at the Buyer’s destination will be paid by the Seller himself.
TERMS OF PAYMENT: Direct TT (TWT) to Seller’s designated account 48 hours after release
of the final assay at the Buyer’s Refinery. The seller must warrant that the product as described in
the FCO is in his legal possession or that he has beneficial ownership of the product and that he has
the ability and authority to sell it.
PAYMENT: TT wire transfer (TWT) of the funds to the Seller’s account as per instructions from
the Seller.
Once this payment is through, the product and its ownership will be released to the Buyer.
RESPONSIBILITY: The Gold will during the delivery process remain in the Seller’s care,
custody and control of the Seller. Buyer will be responsible for all cost at their refinery including
but not limited to refining and storage at the destination.
CONFIDENTIALITY: Seller, buyer or Intermediaries and Mandates shall keep any FCO or
Contract in strict confidence and shall instruct all persons involved in the completion of this
contract to keep it in strict confidence.
We…………………………………………………. (The Buyer), are willing and able to buy
the Gold offered with the purchase procedures in this document which is returned duly signed and
sealed as acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.
Signature of Buyer Signature of Seller
…………………………………………….. …………………………………………

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