Letter of credit at sight

We offers a wide range of products

• Letter of credit at sight
• Letter of credit with deferred payment
• Standby Letter of Credit
• Bank Guarantees
• Performance Guarantees
• Demand Guarantees
• POF Messages
• Advance notice
• Comfort Letters
• Ready Willing and Able (RWA) Messages

Required documents

1 Complete the form
2 Proforma invoice for DLC and text required for SBLC & BG
3 Trade license of your company
4 Share Holders List
5 Passport copy of main applicant
6 Three years of audited balances
7 Last six months of bank statement

Issuance procedure1

Once we receive the information mentioned above, we select the
user and we will work on the draft.
2 By sharing the draft financial instrument with the client, you can review it and
see if you need any corrections, something to add or remove. If any changes are required
communicate it to us to be able to adjust it, on the contrary, we would need the signed draft
and sealed.
3 After receiving the accepted draft from you, we will send you the invoice
corresponding to the agreed price and you will complete the payment based on it.
4 Only after the payment of the instrument in question has been made, the bank
issuer/financial institution will issue the instrument via SWIFT within 2-4 business days.
5 Simultaneously we will send the copy of the SWIFT to your email for your reference.


Prices vary depending on each transaction, considering the value, duration and which
It will be the bank or financial institution. We require proforma invoice or form
filled out to understand your transaction.

Ref : Alfr 4478

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