We acting as Buyers within ————-, hereby confirm with full corpo-
rate authority, our readiness to Buy the following Gold Au Dore Bar or Gold Bullions Precious Metal com-
modity as stated below from one of your supply sources and/or subsidiary as mutually agreed between all

parties concerned. Your FCO Should include past performance and a corporate profile for us to get our
Bank approval for us to issue ICPO.
Location: Upto CIF Dubai Airport Seller’s Responsibility.
Product Commodity: Aurium Utallium (AU) Original Gold Registered Au Dore Bar or Bullions are
acceptable after UAE Refinery Assay as long as it meets Gold Fineness / Purity criteria of Min.
99.995% at the Gold Refinery Assay.
– Origin: Any Non-Sanctioned Country of Origin is acceptable. But with all supporting documents to
prove legal ownership.
3] CLAUSE – 3: SIZE:
Size: Gold Dore Bar or Bullions or 1Kg / 5Kg /12Kg Gold Bullions processed, Assayed & Stamped by UAE
Gold Refinery as per international bullion, the std is acceptable to us from the proposed refinery.
Quantity: 20Kgs to 500Kgs Per Delivery Per Day or Week x 04 Monthly – Annual Contract.

st Shipment Trial= Qty on which seller is comfortable to bring (As per Seller’s comfort of supplies).
However, we can buy per working / banking day 500Kgs to start with.
Qty as per Seller’s decision per Kgs Per Banking/ Working Day Delivery x Annual Contract.
UAE Assay Report Fineness / Purity: 99.995% Purity of Gold or 999.995 Fineness or better (24carats
as min.) on gold Bullions assayed at UAE Gold Refinery.
Standard Palletized or Metal Safe Box. Product History of Clean, clear, no liens, and of non-criminal origin.
Quantity of Sale as per Assay: The total price payable by the Buyer to the SELLER will be on recoverable Gold Metal
(Au) which will be based on the Recorded Final Assay Weight Report from Buyer’s designated refineryand/or
Buyer’sindependentlaboratory. The pricewill be either a Fixed unit price or LBMA Discount 2nd Afternoon Gold
price, upon mutual agreement by all parties at the Refinery (i.e., Buyer/Seller/Refinery).
6] CLAUSE – 6: TERMS:
Delivery Terms: Strictly as CIF Dubai Airport with all expenses paid by Sellers. Thereafter all expenses
Up to Dubai Gold Refinery will be the Buyers cost.
Responsibility will still be sellers as ownership is not transferred.
Quantity Acceptance strictly as per Clause No. 4
Delivery Terms: Strictly as Singapore or UAE Gold Refinery with all expenses paid by Sellers.
Quantity Acceptance strictly as per Clause No. 4
We confirm to purchase min. which can be agreed upon between the buyer & seller.
Fixed Pricing: Fixed Unit Price CIF Dubai Airport or Any UAE Airport with the assay report with the
purity of 99.995% or LBMA Based Discount is also acceptable.
Payment Terms: Within 24/48 Banking Hours from the original Assay Report is received by the Buyer
either from Singapore or UAE Gold Refinery and the funds will be transferred based on the
Afternoon LBMA Rate.
The payment for the content of assayed fine Gold (24 carats with 99.995% purity min.) based on the
quantity of each duly completed tranche shall be paid by Bank Wire Transfer/SWIFT MT 103 to the
Seller’s bank. 100% of the total refined value shall be paid within 24/ 48 Banking hours from the day
of final assay from the refinery.
VAT / GST: if applicable will be deducted by the Buyer at the time of payment or Else the contract
needs to be between Seller (outside the UAE Company) and Between our Group companies else VAT
/ GST Will be applicable.
Payment will be made via wire transfer MT103 in US Dollars while if Seller needs in Euro & other
currencies, it needs to be informed well in advance as Currency Risk and Exchange will be applicable.
Money will only be transferred to the legal owner of actual gold demonstrated in the Gold
documents submitted to us and to the gold refinery.
The Seller shall start the exporting process of the Goods by paying all UAE Taxes, levies, insurances, clearing,
documentation, and other relevant costs or fees incurred. The Seller shall complete all the processes of the
shipment or delivery of Gold Bullions / Dore Bullions at their cost & expenses.

10] CLAUSE – 10: CLOSING:
Delivery Terms: Strictly as UAE Gold Refinery with all expenses paid by Sellers.
Third-Party Inspection: Cost to Seller’s account at Load Port / Manufacturing Facility.
Discount: We will need a fixed Gold Unit Price or LBMA Based Discount based on purity on CIF
Dubai Airport terms.
Commission: Seller Intermediatory will take commission directly from Seller.
Commission: Buyer Intermediatory if any will be paid by the buyer under a separate agreement
The documents of each consignment are as follows:
i. Shipping Documents: All Documents should be issued with Six Original & 3 Copies.
ii. Proforma Invoice
iii. Packing List with gross and net weight
iv. Safe Keeping Receipt
v. Certificate of Purity (assay report issued by the internationally recognized laboratory in the country
of Origin
vi. Certificate of Origin with complete supporting documents of mining and confirmation from the
Ministry of Minerals of exporting country.
vii. Certificate of Legal Ownership
viii. Certificate of non-criminal origin and, that the gold is Free from Liens and encumbrances & is
transferable & exportable
ix. Certificate of insurance
x. Customs declaration, Customs Duties Receipt, Clearance Receipt that all taxes and other duties have
been paid.
xi. Customs declaration & description of boxes quantity weight list describing each shipment transaction.
xi. Export Permit, Export company declaration that all charges, taxes, and any other duties have been
paid full payment receipt
xii. Full set of Master’s Airway bill, marked “Airfreight Pre-paid” or Boarding Pass in case of hand-carry
xiii. Passport Copy of the Seller and/or Representative.
NOTE: Seller has to support with any additional supporting documents required by Gold Refinery & Banks.

IMPORTANT: The Buyer maintains the full and unequivocal right to verify and validate all documentation re-
ceived from the Seller including, but not limited to, all documents provided by Government Agencies and/or

Relevant Authorities from the Country of Origin and Export. If it is determined by the Buyer that any of the

documents or materials are false, forged, or misrepresented in any way, then this Agreement will be imme-
diately cancelled unconditionally and will be considered “Null and Void”. The Buyer also maintains the right

to report its findings to any of the relevant authorities. The Seller agrees and undertakes to abide by this
Closing Documents: After the Original Assay is Done in Dubai / Sharjah, as listed above,

1. Final Assay Report issued by Buyer’s designated Gold Assayer in Buyer destination,
2. Commercial Invoice
3. Transfer of Ownership.
The offer is CIF Dubai airport, so it’s an essential point in the LOI, confirming that the buyer is responsible for customs,
transportation to the refinery, and testing costs.
Please, add the detailed steps to the LOI too.
The order of the process that the seller requires is as follows:
1.- The buyer provides the seller with LOI + KYC
2.- The seller, after the corresponding DD, sends the FCO to the buyer.
3.- The buyer forms the FCO and sends it to the seller.
4.- The seller prepares and sends the corresponding SPA, alongside his KYC, for verification and signature.
5.- The seller receives the signed copy, signs it himself and the sale begins.
6.- The first shipment is made within 21 days from the signing of the SPA.
The Buyer requires the Seller’s KYC to permit him to realize the respective DD.
I like to remind you that we are selling without advanced payment and bank guarantees, which means that we are the only
ones who run risks.


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