needed investor for mini submarine

The submarine will carry out several services throughout the day, that is, trips and each of them will last approximately 30 minutes. This translates into a total of 6 hours of operation at nominal capacity per day.
2. Crew and Passengers
Passengers who will receive instructions previously as a pilot and a co-pilot.
3. Design requirements
The submersible must be designed according to the depth of service. (one atmosphere) 10 meters deep In addition, the duration and number of trips must be taken into account to size the batteries and other services that can provide the necessary autonomy to our submarine.
On the other hand, the nominal speed will determine the design of the propulsion system and will have a great influence on the capacity of the batteries required to achieve optimum operation.
Finally, maximum enjoyment will be sought for the client, so the submarine has five adequate windows and passengers are able to observe the seabed with total clarity and comfort and enjoy the landscapes it has to offer.
1. Max speed Surface [Knots] 4 knots
2. Max speed Submerged [Knots] 3 knots
3. Maximum depth [m] 8

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