Objective is to replace oil by biomass in the world.

Depending on the number of hectares a country could be supplied with energy.
Without the need to depend on other countries selling oil

Seeding the planet with millions of hectares of biomass
to produce energy and fuel.
Plant fertile lands and deserts

The first step would use a small piece of land, for example 10,000 square meters.

A.- Biomass for
- Produce synthetic diesel,
- Ethanol
- Wood pellets
- Biomass energy for power plants replacing coal

- Human food, sorghum has sugar
- Animal feeding. It has sugar and fodder
- Manufacture of paper.
- Manufacture of wooden boards

In the desert
- Turn deserts into fertile
- Refresh the environment
- Would stop sandstorms
- I would call the rain

B.- Type of Crop: Giant Sorghum

1.- Fertilizers

- A fertilizer produced with seawater (it is easy to make) can be used as food for animals and humans.

- Urban garbage humus - Vegetal humus

- Animal manure

2.- Get the water

- Desalination
- With machines that take it from the air
- Underground wells. Note: With drip irrigation, little water is needed.

3.- Types of irrigation

- Drip
- Tanker trucks and long distance water jets
- Planes

C.-I thought of giant sorghum for several reasons.
1.- Its growth is fast
2.- The amount of biomass is large
3.- It produces large roots that stabilize the desert sand
4.- They have sugar that can produce food

I don't know how to make a business plan.
I am not interested in a loan because I have no guarantee
If you know someone who is interested in this project I can help
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You can help with ideas or invest money
Written by Pedro Muñoz Ruiz Granada (Spain)
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