We pay the cut We pay the cut Diamond from 1 to 20 carat color D / E / in Italy .
– We pay gold
– We pay bitcoin
1/ Face to face in Italy,
2/ POF available,
3/ Cash and carry payment or by btc payement from 1 to 20 carat color D / E / in Italy .

I, the undersigned, on behalf of the End buyer hereby state and represent that it is our intention to purchase, gold
with escrow account and we hereby confirm that we are ready, willing, and able to purchase with a monthly or
weekly supply contract or every two weeks over a period of at least one year . Our monthly purchasing capacity is
Beyond 2000kg. We are ready to work with any serious seller with the quantity they can supply us monthly.
Destination is Dubaï . We buy by USANCE LC or BG only , NO SWIFT.

1.Upon signing of the contract by both parties, the Seller will issue a POP.
2. After POP, the buyer issues an irrevocable usance letter of credit for the favor of the seller to be paid
in 76 hours upon receipt of the consgnment to allow the buyer time to analyze the
gold in a recognized refinery.
3.Seller issues a 2% Performance delivery guarantee against the buyer’s letter of credit.
4.The delivery terms for this Sales and Purchase Agreement shall be on CIF [By Air Freight] to
the buyer’s destnaton Airport within the agreed time stipulated in the letter of credit
5.Once the letter of credit the bank of the seller as an irrevocable payment guarantee
to the favor of the Seler, the Seller shall commence the preparation of shipment of the gold
Dore bars to the Buyer’s agreed destination in Dubaï, according to the buyer’s instructions.
6.The local export taxes, export documentation, freight cost, and other expenses from the
Seller’s port to the Buyer’s destination are to be borne by the Seller.
7.Before aircraft departure from point of origin, the Seler shall notify Buyer; of the arline fight
number, date of expected departure, and arrival date and time.
8.Copies of all export documents should be sent immediately to the Buyer by email or Fax, in

return the Buyer should acknowledge the receipt of the documents.
9.The Buyer shall clear the Import customs duty and other VAT taxes applicabe at the
destination airport and complete the delivery to the refinery. The buyer is responsible for all
charges at the arport and his designated refinery.
10.After the refining and fina assay are performed, the assay/smelters report will be provided to
both parties for agreement and acceptance. Therefore, the Letter of credit can be adjusted
according to the final invoice.Normally the Letter of Credit issued is irrevocable, which
means that no single party can unilaterally make any changes to the LC unless it is mutually
agreeabe to both parties involved.
11.Possible attendance of Seller’s representative to the smelting process.
12.All risk and ownership of the shipment will be transferred to the Buyer upon handover



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